E-business: operation and main services

E-business: operation and main services

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A company that seeks to stand out in the market has to work to value and improve the experiences that the client will have.

We define the meaning of e-business as any type of enterprise that works through the online world

E-business: operation and main services

With greater access to information on the part of the inhabitants, the advantages of purchasing products online and working over the internet have also become popular. Therefore, e-business has been gaining more and more space and providing huge profits for its investors and shareholders.

That online businesses have grown a lot lately, there is no doubt. According to Statista, in 2017 there were 1.66 billion online shoppers. Currently, the number exceeds 7.6 billion and tends to grow every day, especially with the crisis we face because of the epidemic of the new coronavirus. This increase is due, in large part, to the democratization of the internet.

Based on that, we quote here everything about online services, we will explain what e-business is and why it is a big bet for the coming years. Keep following to learn more!

What is e-business

What is e-business?

Currently, we define the meaning of e-business as any type of enterprise that works through the online world. Within it are stores, service providers, educational platforms and all kinds of companies that use the internet to market and sell their products.

E-business is a term that has grown a lot, but nowhere can it be considered recent and innovative. Its first registration was made in 1955, however, the mass popularization occurred in 1997, through a campaign created by the British advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather for IBM.

At the time, the term was used as a reference for connected businesses, but not necessarily through the internet, which was still in its infancy.

Any type of company that uses electronic means to communicate with its customers, can be considered part of the e-business. As a result, over time, several subdivisions emerged in order to identify and establish good customs for each of the media.

Difference between e-business and e-commerce

Difference between e-business and e-commerce

Within this medium, it is not uncommon to find people who confuse the sense of e-business and e-commerce. After all, the second term has gained a lot of notoriety, both in the media and in representativeness in the market.

However, even though e-commerce is a more familiar term than e-business, it is actually a subdivision of it. In other words, the meaning of e-commerce, in reality, is to be a category of electronic businesses, as well as many others that have gained space in the market.

Therefore, it is understood that e-business is a comprehensive term, which houses and provides space for all types of entrepreneurs who wish to migrate their business to the online world or rely on it to build a successful brand, not just restricting the sale of products.

The biggest advantages and challenges of e-business

Working within the online environment, as well as in other methodologies, has burdens and bonuses. However, with the constant growth of this market, it is evident that the possibility of making profits is huge.

If you follow suit, adopt good strategies and understand how to overcome the challenges, you can be very successful and become one of the most successful online services.

For this, however, it is necessary, above all, to know what they will face within the niche. Therefore, follow the greatest benefits and difficulties of e-business today.


Efficient strategies allow e-business to have a wide reach with little investment.

Starting to work on the internet is usually an alternative chosen by those who wish to undertake with little initial investment. After all, the main thing to have an e-business is to have an idea of ​​quality and means to provide the service.

And in that sense, currently, there are many hosting programs that protect and host websites for small amounts. Thus, the cost of keeping the business running is much lower than in common methodologies.

In addition, through correct disclosure, geographical boundaries are broken and people can be reached from anywhere in the world.

It is worth mentioning that working with e-business is to follow the market trend, which is moving towards a totally digital world. There are several reference companies in the market that operate only online and do not need physical space to be the public’s favorites.

Netshoes, for example, is almost always the one chosen when it comes to sporting goods, even when worked entirely over the internet. This only represents the size of the space that digital services have, being present 24 hours a day, when the customer needs it.


As it is an electronic business, to reach a large audience it is necessary to invest in digital marketing strategies. The more diversified the advertising channels are, the greater the reach of your brand.

In addition, it is essential that company members have a deep understanding of technology, as well as development and programming languages. Otherwise, it will be necessary to hire a team responsible for these points.

Another necessary investment for e-business companies, especially in the case of e-commerce and online businesses selling products, is in relation to delivery logistics. This process can be performed both by outsourced companies and from teams structured internally.

The most popular categories within online services

The most popular categories within online services

Talking about online services is often automatically talking about e-commerce. However, it must be said that the sales area is not the only one that is successful within e-business.

The growth of streaming also has great representativeness, as well as distance learning, which each day reaches more significant numbers, becoming the two main categories today.

Continue reading and understand more about each one:

The streaming era

We call streaming services the transmission of content over the internet, without the need to download to the device. Inside them, you can watch or listen to any type of material almost instantly, without even needing it to load completely.

Within the digital age, streaming services represent practicality and the immediate access that users crave. Replacing the physical purchase of albums and films, in the new modality the user pays a monthly fee to have access to all content available on the platform, as many times as he wants and at the time he prefers.

This e-business medium has become so popular that it is currently difficult to find someone active on the internet who does not even have a streaming subscription.

As an example, Spotify, the most used platform for streaming music, according to a publication by Forbes magazine, already has more than 124 million monthly payers.

However, the company is not yet a leader in its market. Netflix, an organization that works with films, series, and documentaries, is the biggest case of success in the streaming era. According to data released at the end of 2019, there are already more than 167 million subscribers around the globe.

Even with strong investment from the competition and the creation of platforms such as HBO Go and Disney +, the trend is that the company’s numbers will continue to increase, as well as the revenue related to the company’s own productions, which already has more than 20 Oscar nominations and more than ten awards.

The growth of distance education

To deny that adherence to distance learning has grown is a big mistake. Distance learning, which was previously the second option for young people, has become the priority of many who wish to work and continue their academic career.

According to data from the Higher Education Census, released by the Ministry of Education, since 2018 the vacancies offered in EAD are higher than in classroom teaching.

As a result, distance learning platforms are growing more and more. Through them, you can learn online and obtain traditional certification, as well as all the knowledge you want, all without leaving home.

Therefore, this market also tends to grow more and more, both in technical and free courses as well as in degrees and specializations.

Today’s largest digital companies

Companies operating in the e-business scenario have been growing more and more over the years.

As we mentioned, there are many successful cases that have emerged in the online world and obtain more incredible results every year. This success is due to a number of factors, from the organizational culture to the provision of services with undeniable quality.

Google, for example, is a great example of this. Known for its light and relaxed atmosphere, in 2019 it received more than 15 billion with ads only on its video platform, YouTube.

Therefore, it stands out as one of the most successful e-business companies in the world, being the first to be remembered when it comes to online surveys.

In addition, it is also worth mentioning that the organization’s performance has expanded over the years. No longer just a search engine, today Google is also email, cloud, server for online meetings and many other functions.

Another case that needs to be highlighted is Localie. The platform that emerged online today is growing its consumers when it comes to food delivery and pickup. In addition, it is a reference when it comes to a humanized culture and a good relationship with its employees.

Therefore, it becomes evident that investing in digital companies is a great option to gain even more audiences and increase profits. The digital age has arrived and not keeping up with it means staying behind the competition. If you need to always be aware of the news in the business sector, as well as receive tips and advice to make your management even more effective and efficient, keep following our blog!